Dogs View Point


Learn to think like a dog. Your dog doesn’t think of you as a human, he thinks of you as another dog. Dogs evolved from wolves, thus they are pack animals. Since your dog thinks of your family as his pack, he doesn’t understand or expect equality. So it is natural for him to push to the highest position he can attain in his pack (your family). In nature, there are no two dogs/wolves/persons in the same pack that are equal.

An over-indulged dog may assume a dominant role in the household. And the dog which is confused about its position in the hierarchy (one day he’s “top dog” and the next he’s “low dog on the totem pole”) will become frustrated. Then the owners must deal with another problem – that of frustration-aggression.

It’s More Important to Praise Your Dog When He’s Right, Than it is to Correct Him When He’s Wrong

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