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Professional Dog Training and Boarding

At The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center, Dan and his employees take the process of training a client’s dog very seriously.

They also take the dog’s safety, health and well being seriously.

At the school there are 30 cameras set up in the office to monitor both the inside and outside training areas. The dog training and boarding areas can be monitored also from Dan’s cell phone and home to ensure that his professional dog training procedures are implemented.

First-Class Facilities:

Dan is adamant about giving the dogs at his facility the best conditions possible. Each dog has its own individual bed during their stay. In the last year alone, Dan spent a great deal of money on an outside area where dogs can run and get exercise at no extra charge to the owners. He also had a company install a stainless steel dog bathing tub and a stainless steel kitchen area in order to ensure cleanliness and safety.

It is important to Dan and his team to keep the dogs at a comfortable temperature at all times. Therefore a central air conditioner was installed and then a stand- alone generator, was installed so that in the chance a power outage the dogs will remain in a comfortable temperature. He also had a company install two sanitizers in the heating system in order to purify and help kill any viruses that might be in the air.

Health-First, Health-Focused:

Dogs are weighed when they first arrive using a commercial walk on scale and then again three times a week while they’re here to ensure weight maintenance. They are also weighed on the day they go home.

If a dog is too aggressive for training after five days, Dan or an employee calls the owner and asks them pick up their dog as we cannot guarantee that a dog won’t be aggressive after our training– and their training fee is completely refunded. This also helps ensure the safety of the other dogs at the facility and the employees.

There are morning, closing, weight and training sheets that employees must follow closely and the sheets are updated and changed regularly. While puppies up to 15 weeks are considered too young for the training program, if a client calls about behavior problems that they are having with their young puppies, Dan will invite them to come to the training facility at no charge to show them how to correct their problem(s).

There is also a “High School” program that costs an additional $400. If Dan thinks a dog would benefit from that program while he is in training, he sometimes moves the dog up to that program at no additional charge.

Ongoing Support:

When a dog is leaving the facility from training, the clients are reminded constantly that if there is a problem with the training, they should call the training center right away, so that we can help them rectify the problem, as the training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. The only thing that is not guaranteed is that the dog won’t become aggressive.

As a follow up, Dan or an employee from the training center will call the client to see how the ongoing training at home is going. After one week, the client is sent a thank you card which also reminds them that, if there is a problem with the training, to please call.

Dan is always involved in the training process. When there is a problem dog, Dan works with the dog on his own time. He also actively oversees the other trainers.

World-Class Expertise:

Dan has trained dogs for 40 years and has trained thousands of dogs from across the United States and from as far away as Singapore. He has had countless repeat customers. Clients over the years include a variety of agencies, and individuals from various professions, such as police officers, judges, attorneys, movie stars, plumbers, electricians and many other occupations.

A few years ago Dan went to Cornell University to take a course in Behavior in Dogs. When he walked into the auditorium his dog training video, “Beginning Obedience” was being shown for the other trainers that came from all over the United States to view. He also traveled to Canada to take additional courses in dog behavior at the University of Guelph. He has a library of over 200 dog training and dog behavior books and DVDs on various methods of dog training and dog behavior.

Dan wrote a book on beginning dog obedience published by the TFH publishing company.  It was translated into various languages and sold worldwide. His video on how to train a dog has been viewed and used by over 20,000 people to train their dogs.He is a member of The Animal Behavior Society, and was also a founding member of various dog training associations. He has also trained dogs and given advice and assistance to animal rescue groups from across the country.

Dan has been trying to help dog trainers get licensed in the State of New Jersey for over 20 years. He helped the late Senator Joseph A. Palaia outline and write a bill, which was brought up, but never acted upon. Currently, The Dan Gentile Dog Training Center has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 4.5 star rating with Facebook and a 4 star rating with Google.

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